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One account which allows you to organise all the others when you are no longer here. That’s the thought behind Ziggur. Ziggur offers you the possibility to determine what happens to every online profile you have on different websites after you are deceased. This can be done for every well-known and lesser-known website and social network.

Ziggur does not need any of the passwords for your online profiles. This guarantees your security and makes it easy to stay up-to-date. You could opt for a free account, which enables you to record your wishes without restrictions. Or you could choose the Ziggur Plus account, in which case Ziggur will carry out your specified wishes for you after your death.

Your Ziggur Plus account can be upgraded for free by recording the fact you have a Ziggur account in a special international register for digital inheritance. That means your account is visible to Ziggur Partners in the probate industry who consult this register. This way, you can be sure that Ziggur is notified of your death.

How did Ziggur originate?

Sometimes it's awkward to remove online profiles
Even in life it's awkward sometimes to rid oneself completely of certain internet accounts. For your surviving dependants or relatives this will be nearly impossible if, one day, you are not here anymore. Often they have no idea which sites you maintained profiles and memberships on, let alone which nicknames and passwords you use to log in. This is why Ziggur has been developed: Ziggur offers a good and safe solution for this problem.

With Ziggur you decide what happens to your online profiles and possessions after your death and you can have us carry out those wishes. Ziggur gives you the freedom of choice and also takes some worries away from your surviving loved ones. Simple, safe and secure. You can arrange everything with one Ziggur account.

When we developed Ziggur, our starting point was the user and our basis was the latest technology. That is why we like hearing from you: tell us what you think of the website, we are continually working on improvements to the website. Not just by establishing new links with social networks and other websites where you can create a profile, but also by keeping a critical eye on how we can establish those links.

Origin and name
Ziggur is a concept by Gerrit Jan Bloem, general manager of marketing communication agency Calanza B.V.

The name Ziggur is an abbreviated version of ziggurats, temple towers from the old Mesapotamia and predecessors of the pyramid. The builders of pyramids and ziggurats believed in life after death. We know that there is digital life after death. Just like it was important to the Mesapotanians to consider securing their physical life and possessions, we feel it's important to think about our digital legacy.

Digital inheritance

An awkward subject
Death is a subject that most people do not want to discuss or think about, let alone get cheerfully prepared for, determining matters that need to be arranged after death. We understand this completely and we also know that it is great when a deceased person HAS thought about what needs to happen after their death. Therefore we put aside our reticence and set to work on developing Ziggur.

New dimensions through Internet
Internet has added new dimensions to life that where unimaginable not so long ago. We are communicating, always and everywhere, with our loved ones, friends, family or perfect strangers. We share pictures, videos, music, opinions and stories. We shop, play games, arrange our finances or have heated debates.

Traces on the web
This is how we leave traces on the web and build up a digital inheritance, unnoticed and sometimes unintentionally. An inheritance that is obscured by multiple login names and passwords as well as (new) types of assets, such as credits on gamesites or credits and vouchers on shopping sites.

What happens to your ads on auction sites if you are no longer here? How do you prevent your birthday notices being sent to your friends via Facebook, telling them that you will be another year older 'in a few days'? Or how do you prevent business contacts being reminded that they should get in touch with you through LinkedIn? What happens to money in your Paypal account? Or the heartfelt appeal to the love of your life to make themselves known to you?

What Ziggur has to offer

Registering your wishes
Ziggur offers you the possibility to record what you want to happen to your online identity and possessions after you are no longer here. For every social network or other website where you have an online profile you record your wishes within the possibilities of the website itself. This can be done for all well-known and lesser-known websites and social networks.

Carrying out your wishes
Additionally you can nominate your representatives. These are people you trust and who can confirm or notify Ziggur that you are deceased and they can start carrying out your recorded wishes after your death. If you have a Ziggur Plus account, all your wishes will be carried out by Ziggur.

Account types and options
You can use a free Ziggur account or choose for more peace of mind with a Ziggur Plus account. It is possible to upgrade your Ziggur account at any time to take advantage of the benefits of the Ziggur Plus account. If you upgrade your account you can choose to pay the required amount immediately or annually. Ziggur uses a standard and secure payment method.

Option international register for digital inheritance
The first of a large range of extra options available to every user with a Ziggur Plus account is the choice to have your account included in Ziggur's international register for digital inheritance. This register enables Ziggur's partners in the probate industry to establish whether a deceased person established a Ziggur account. This increases your peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out.

How Ziggur works

The standard process
A Ziggur user will go through the following steps:

  1. You register for a Ziggur account.
  2. You list your online accounts.
  3. You indicate who your representatives are.
  4. You add new profiles or edit your details.
  5. When a Ziggur user is deceased, Ziggur will be notified.
  6. Ziggur checks the notification that a user is deceased.
  7. Depending on the type of account chosen by the user, Ziggur will take steps to carry out your wishes or have them carried out.

An in-depth description of Ziggur is available at frequently asked questions

Manual and automatic
It is obvious that you have to enter manually who you are, which online profiles you have and who your representatives are. Plus, you have to edit your account on the Ziggur website if any details about you have changed, to make sure your account is always up-to-date. Wherever possible, we have automated all processes as much as possible.

For all your profiles
Use Ziggur for your online profiles on all well-known and lesser-known websites. Ziggur can be used by everyone, always and everywhere. Obviously Ziggur can be used for global sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. But in contrast to similar services, Ziggur can also be used for smaller sites that your surviving loved ones might never have heard of.

Trusted brand
Because Ziggur is a trusted brand, any requests made by Ziggur for the removal of or adjustment to a certain profile will usually be granted. It would be much more difficult for an individual to do this and in certain cases the site will not, or cannot, authorise the request of a surviving loved one, which would mean the wishes of the deceased cannot be carried out.

Ziggur stays up-to-date
New sites spring up all the time and on existing sites possibilities, terms and options are changing continuously. Ziggur follows these developments closely to make sure services are adjusted and constantly up-to-date, so that neither you nor your surviving loved ones have to.

Ziggur is safe and simple

Passwords not necessary
Ziggur does not need the passwords from your online profiles. This guarantees your security and makes it easy to keep up to date. The only password that's saved by Ziggur is the password for your Ziggur account. This password is stored encrypted. Because Ziggur stores no other passwords, only your Ziggur password, it is simple to keep your profile up-to-date. You do not have to notify us if you change a password for any of your online profiles.

Privacy is an important subject for our users and for us. Our extensive privacy statement contains important information on this subject. More information about securing your data can be found at frequently asked questions.

Private profiles
We can imagine that there are online profiles you do not want your representative to know about. With a Ziggur Plus account you can indicate whether a profile is a private profile. These profiles will not be included in the list of wishes that will be sent (if desired) to your representative afterwards. Nonetheless, the wishes relating to these profiles will, of course, be carried out.

Peace of mind with Ziggur

Put your mind at rest
Peace of mind is the pillar our service rests on. A Ziggur Plus account that has been included in the international register for digital inheritance will put your mind at rest completely, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your wishes will be carried out after your death.

Being sure that Ziggur will not take action unnecessarily
First of all, Ziggur will never take any action before your death has been established conclusively. You decide who your respresentatives are, they can notify or confirm to Ziggur that you are deceased. Ziggur will always ask for a death certificate, so that painful errors or misplaced jokes can be ruled out.

Being sure that Ziggur will take action when necessary
You need to be certain that Ziggur will take action after your death. For this to happen, you have to depend on your representative, surviving loved ones, or maybe a solicitor who will look after your affairs after your death.

When nominating a representative, you have the option to send them an e-mail through Ziggur to inform them of your Ziggur account and their role. If you choose a Ziggur Plus account with the free option of having your account included in the Ziggur international register for digital inheritance, Ziggur partners in the probate industry are able to find it on the international register for digital inheritance. They can subsequently notify Ziggur that you are deceased.

Peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out
The peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out is assured most if you choose a Ziggur Plus account. Then Ziggur will carry out your wishes without you having to rely on your representative to do it for you.

Ziggur is continuously working on being able to carry out your wishes as best we can. By cooperating with as many websites as possible and only offering the possibilities that the social networks and websites are offering themselves, Ziggur can carry out all wishes that users have recorded.

100% peace of mind
If you want to be 100% sure, then Ziggur can help you to include your Ziggur account in a will. This way, you will be sure that Ziggur will be notified of your death and no objections can be made against the implementation of your wishes.

Being listed on the register for digital inheritance

A topic for the probate industry
The topic of inheritance is closely linked to solicitors or notaries and other business-related parties in the probate industry. Ziggur predicts an important role for this industry in recording digital Inheritances.

International register for digital inheritance
If you have a Ziggur Plus account, this fact will give you the free option to have your account included in a special Ziggur register for digital inheritance. This makes your account visible to Ziggur partners in the probate industry who consult this register, which ensures that Ziggur will be notified of your death.

A steadily growing number of parties is connected to Ziggur. Would you like to inform someone of Ziggur's existence? Let us know, so we can send a Ziggur information package to them.

Have your Ziggur account included in your will
If you would like a legal guarantee that your wishes are actually being honoured, then you need to have the existence of your Ziggur account included in a will. The benefit is, firstly, that you are not reliant upon your representative to notify Ziggur of your death. Secondly, your wishes cannot be disputed by surviving loved ones. They are guaranteed to be carried out exactly as you want, because they have been recorded in a will. Ziggur can help you do this, contact us.

More about Ziggur and business partners in the probate industry can be found on this page ‘partners’

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Where can I ask questions about Ziggur?
If the answer to your question cannot be found amongst the frequently asked questions, then contact us.

How can I contact Ziggur?
Ziggur is a part of Calanza B.V., established in Leiden.
Post and visiting address:
3e Binnenvestgracht 23 C
2312 NR Leiden
Telephone: 071 8889 889 (office hours)
E-mail: info@ziggur.me

Where can I report a deceased person?
You can notify Ziggur of a deceased person here.

Where can I give feedback?
We want to know what you think about Ziggur. Send us your feedback.

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